Mu Shu Asian Grill Chinese Restaurant

Fresh! Healthy! Lo-Carb! No MSG!

We like to take Asian food beyond the norm. Mu Shu Asian Grill started in 2004 and is the leader for providing healthy diet Chinese Food in the Phoenix metro area. Helping residents and travelers lose weight by eating healthier is what Mu Shu Asian Grill is all about.

See our restaurant inside view.

Choice of Vegetables

We put in a little sizzle, so to speak. And our unique approach to fresh, healthy cooking is all about you. At Mu Shu Asian Grill, you can create your own stir-fry with whatever strikes your fancy.  You get a delicious choice of fie main ingredients (meat and seafood), three kinds of rice, noodles, and four unique sauces with low salt and NO MSG.Healthy Choice Of Vegetables

Then, choose your own veggies from our healthy selection of crisp, fresh vegetable and tofu bar.

All Veggie Brown Rice Bowl

How is that for stirring things up? Come and see why we are the top rated Chinese Food Restaurant in Phoenix!

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